The Arts Advisory Board (AAB) is a voluntary board whose role is to oversee the Princess Grace Awards program. Members are experts, practitioners and leaders in their artistic fields; at the Princess Grace Foundation they work alongside the PGF-USA staff develop funding that is responsive to the needs of the artistic community. In addition AAB members participate as panelists for the Advancement grants to Award winners, recommend Adjudicators and Panelists for the Princess Grace Awards and are ambassadors of the Princess Grace Foundation in the artistic community. 


Arts Advisory Board members are vital members of the Princess Grace Foundation community and the Princess Grace Foundation-USA thanks each member for their commitment to the success of the Princess Grace Awards and our community of extraordinary artists. 

Melia Bensussen, Arts Advisory Board Chair
Linda Blackaby
Terese Capucilli

Woo Jung Cho
Suzanne Farrell
Renée Fleming
Eduardo Garcia

Kent Gash
Billy Luther
Georgiana Pickett
Gary Pudney

Ted Rawlins
Heléne Alexopoulos Warrick

Arts Advisory Board Emeritus

William Greaves (Film Chair)

Barbara Horgan (AAB Chair Emeritus)

Bonnie Oda Homsey (Dance Chair)

John Mazzola (AAB Chair)

Princess Grace Awards Adjudication Process

Award winners are selected annually by experts in theater, dance and film. Applicants are assessed in review stages consisting of both online and in person panel reviews by Adjudicators. Each Adjudicator brings their own experience and aesthetic to the table, however decisions are made by consensus.


Stages of Review

    • Round 1: The Nomination: Adjudicators evaluate each component of the application within their specific area(s) of expertise via the online application system.
    • Round 2: The Full Application:
      • Adjudicators review applicants within their specific area(s) of expertise via the online application evaluating each component of the Full Application including work samples.
      • Multidisciplinary artists: Adjudicators convene to discuss applicants who have identified themselves and wish to be reviewed by multiple disciplines. Adjudicators share knowledge and perspective from their respective disciplines.
      • Adjudicators convene in person to discuss the applications and select the Princess Grace Award winners.


About the Adjudicators 

Selection panels are curated collaboratively by the Arts Advisory Board, Director of Programming and CEO. Princess Grace Award Adjudicators are experts within the disciplines of theater, dance, choreography, film, and animation, and are also equipped to evaluate applicants based on the Princess Grace Foundation’s mission and values.


The Arts Advisory Board Chair and Director of Programming facilitate and moderate each stage of the process and are not voting members in the selection of the Princess Grace Awards.

Princess Grace Award Adjudicators

2021 Adjudicators


  • Chris Coleman
  • Lauren Gunderson
  • Theodore Rawlins
  • Rachel Sussman
  • Seret Scott
  • Darron West*
  • Tamilla Woodard

Dance & Choreography

  • Neal Beasley*
  • Marjani Forte-Saunders*
  • Gillian Murphy*
  • Julie Nakagawa
  • Margaret Tracey*
  • Eduardo Vilaro


  • Linda Blackaby
  • Rose Bond*
  • Stephen Gong
  • Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich*
  • Andrew Okpeaha MacLean*
  • Adam Piron
  • David Riker*

*Previous Princess Grace Award winners

Panels prior to 2021, included the following experts and leaders in their artistic fields, and we thank them for their service.


Bob Alwine
Christopher Ashley
Trudi Biggs McCanna
Debbie Bisno
Rick Boynton
Kristin Caskey
Linda Chapman
Amy Corcoran
Mary de Liagre
Barry Edelstein
David Esbjornson
Tim Evans
Dan Fields
Kent Gash
Lisa Guzman
Robert Hunt
Lou Jacob
Ruth Maleczech
Meredith Lynsey Scade
Seret Scott
Eric Simonson
Rachel Sussman
Paul Tazewell
Darron L West
Michael Wilson
Stephanie Ybarra
Evan Yionoulis
DANCECarolyn Adams
Robert Battle
Neal Beasley
Trisha Brown
Carmen de Lavallade
Suzanne Farrell
Gina Gibney
Barbara Horgan
Judith Jamison
Virginia Johnson
Roy Kaiser
Edwaard Liang
Lar Lubovitch
Susan Marshall
Carla Maxwell
Amanda McKerrow
Rashaun Mitchell
Carla Peterson
Lawrence Rhodes
Ethan Stiefel
Pam Tanowitz
Margaret Tracey
Eduardo Vilaro
Edward Villella
Sylvia Waters
Heather Watts
Martin Wechsler
Damian Woetzel
Jawole Willa Jo Zoller
FILMMary Lea Bandy
Rose Bond
Ilya Chaiken
Amalia Cordova
Woo Jung Cho
Vanessa Erazo
Kathy Geritz
Jacqueline Gill
Tony Gittens
Bill Greaves
Ed Halter
John Hanhardt
Larry Kardish
Billy Luther
Andrew MacLean
Scott MacDonald
Marian Masone
Greg Mottola
Brian O’Doherty
Tony Pemberton
David Riker
David Schwartz
William Sloan
Musa Syeed
Martin Syjuco
Monika Wagenberg
Elizabeth Weatherford
Chi hui Yang

History of the Arts Advisory Board

His Serene Highness Prince Rainier III of Monaco established the Princess Grace Foundation-USA in 1982 to honor the legacy of His wife, Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco. H.S.H. Prince Rainier and Founding Chairman Robert J. Hausman created the Arts Advisory Board, a voluntary board comprised of experts, practitioners and leaders in the fields of theater, dance and film to build the Awards program, working alongside the Foundation staff and Board of Trustees.


Prior to 2021, the Princess Grace Foundation Arts Advisory Board included Discipline Chairs for each the disciplines supported by the Princess Grace Awards – theater, dance, and film. The Chairs built diverse adjudication panels of highly knowledgeable, credentialed, nationally recognized peers in the fields who are committed to the future of the performing arts, and served as Panelists for the Advancement grants for Award winners. Today, Chairs are integrated into the Arts Advisory Board along with additional experts in theater, dance and film.

Former Discipline Chairs

Eduardo Garcia
Ted Rawlins
Barbara Horgan
Bonnie Oda Horgan
William Greaves
Linda Blackaby