Due to the impact of COVID-19 the 2020 Princess Grace Awards program has been suspended for this year. We look forward to resuming our Awards program and celebrating excellence in emerging artists in theater, dance, and film in 2021. Should you have questions please contact Program Director, Diana Kemppainen.


The Princess Grace Awards seek to discover emerging choreographers and nurture their artistic pursuits throughout their careers.

FELLOWSHIPS are awarded to an emerging choreographer through the nominating organization to help fund the creation of a new work, presented by the nominating organization during the grant period. Princess Grace Awards seeks to discover emerging choreographers at the outset of their career. The Fellowship objectives are: to support the choreographer’s next step toward creative and artistic advancement; and to encourage the professional dance company or organization to enhance the scope of their existing repertory; to offer new artistic challenges to company members. In its evaluation of “emerging,” the Dance Panel considers the choreographer’s aggregrate body of choreographic work, comissions, awards, and grants to gauge whether it more accurately represents a mid-career juncture and therefore beyond the “emerging” development stage.

Nominees and the proposed work must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or have obtained permanent residency status.
    • Applicants must be nominated by a company artistic director.
    • Self-nominations are not allowed.
    • Fellowships must be completed in the United States.
    • The applicant may not be the artistic director or resident choreographer of the nominating organization.
    • The choreography must be set on the nominating organization’s dancers or project based dancers specifically contracted for this new work. The project may not include personnel currently employed by or working for the nominated choreographer.
    • Proposed work may not include the choreographer as a performer.
    • Re-staging or re-examining of existing choreography does not qualify as a new work.
    • Proposed work cannot exceed 20 minutes in length.
    • The nominated choreographer must demonstrate at least three years of choreographic experience.
      • Within these three years, a maximum of two years may include dances created for college, university, and workshop settings. A minimum of one year must include work created for professional dance companies.
      • No more than three works may have been created on the nominating organization. This includes any works for the nominating organization’s affiliate’s such as its school/academy or junior/apprentice company.
    • Both the choreographic residency and the public performance(s) must occur within the grant period.
    • Professional non-profit dance organizations must meet the following eligibility requirements:
      • Employ professional artistic and administrative staff.
      • Have been in continuous operation as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit.
      • Must demonstrate a history of hosting residencies for emerging choreographers for at least 3 years.
      • Have a total of at least 10 weeks of rehearsal and performance per year.
      • Demonstrate the ability to raise public and private funds.


The grant is for $10,000 to support a new original work: $8,000 toward the choreographer’s fee and $2,000 toward expenses associated with the commission, i.e., choreographer’s travel, lodging, production expenses for the new work, etc.


The Princess Grace Awards is interested in identifying and nurturing emerging choreographers. Primary consideration is given to artistic excellence and evaluation of the choreographer’s potential to make an impact on the field. Princess Grace Awards are for emerging artists, or artists at the outset of their careers. In its evaluation of “emerging,” the Dance Panel considers the choreographer’s aggregate body of choreographic work, commissions, awards and grants to gauge whether it more accurately represents a mid-career juncture and therefore beyond the “emerging” development stage.


Required from Nominee:

    • Submit current resume and include dates of key training and performance history (if applicable). Within the same document, please list “Choreographic Commissions” separately, and include three columns for information as follows:
      • Commissioning organization
      • Date of the commission
      • Commission amount

Optional: As a separate document please submit your performance and teaching resume (if applicable). Please be sure to list dates.

    • Personal statement: Describe the goal of the choreographic inquiry and significance at this juncture of your career. Secondly include an abstract summarizing the proposed work, information about the music/composer, length of work, number of dancers, key collaborators, and any relevant production elements. Not to exceed one page; minimum font 12pt; 1″ margins.
    • Budget: Complete the online budget worksheet. If applicable, do indicate all sources of additional funding and the status of those funds either as “secured” or “pending.”
    • Work samples: Submit one complete work and two excerpt samples of selected choreography. All samples should have been created within the past two years. Work samples must be submitted via links such as Vimeo or YouTube. Submitted materials become the property of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA.
    • Headshot: Please submit a high res (300 dpi) photo suitable for publicity.

Required from Nominating Organization:

    • Nominator’s recommendation: Please state why the choreographer was nominated, and explain the significance of what the choreographer’s work brings to your organization. Not to exceed one page; minimum font 12pt; 1″ margins.
    • Biography of nominator: Not to exceed one page; minimum font 12pt; 1″ margins.
    • Most recent financial and/or annual report
    • Copy of IRS determination letter certifying 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
    • List of artistic and administrative staff, board of directors/trustees, and company members
    • Dance organizations/festivals only: Please submit a detailed list of the past emerging choreographers participating in the residency program in the past two years. Use the following headlines: Date of Residency, Name of Choreographer, Project Outcome.


    • Please make sure the link submitted is live and accessible by April 30, 2020 through July 31, 2020.  We strongly recommend that live streaming links be secure and the password is provided to the Princess Grace Foundation-USA.
    • The Dance Panel will not view media-enhanced, highly edited, or promotional-type submissions. Please do not use works edited with jumpcuts, dissolves, etc.
    • Full length piece: you may include one full-length piece. The complete work may be of any length; it is helpful to indicate your preferred viewing sections.
    • Excerpted samples: the other two work samples may be excerpts from choreographic work, and cannot exceed 10 minutes in total length. Sequentially continuous segments are recommended for the excerpt samples.  One of excerpts may be footage from a studio or stage rehearsal.


Work samples are a significant component of your application and we urge you to use care in selecting the samples you submit.

    • Submit samples where the dancers are clearly visible: the footage is well lit and framed on screen. There is an option to film the excerpt in the studio if the performance footage is darkly lit or costuming conceals the dancer’s body or compromises the artistry.
    • It is recommended that one sample relates to or demonstrates the artistic focus of the proposed choreography.
    • When possible, please do not use samples with watermarks or footage filmed on a phone. Should work samples be filmed on a smart phone, film in landscape (horizontal).
    • The panel has limited time in which to view your work samples, and may not be able to view the work in its entirety. It is helpful to keep that in mind when selecting work samples, and you may provide specific cue points in your description for the panel to use as viewing reference.

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Photo: 2018 Princess Grace Award winner Dana Genshaft’s choreography