Established in 2008
Nearly $1,000,000 awarded in grants since inception
Average grant amount $15,000 – $30,000


Works in Progress residencies at Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC) offer Princess Grace Award winners and honoraria the opportunity for creative experimentation without the pressure to produce a final, finished product. Specifically, the residency with BAC gives Princess Grace Award winning artists the space and resources for an incubation period to develop a particular project. Artists are given exclusive and full access to the selected studio space during the residency, and the residency enables the artist to explore, experiment, and push the boundaries of their work in an environment that focuses on process over product.


This aligns seamlessly with the mission of BAC, which serves as “an international center for artistic experimentation and collaboration, providing unique opportunities for the professional development of emerging and mid-career artists from around the world and across disciplines.”


The artists selected for the Works in Progress residency will be afforded use of a BAC studio or the Jerome Robbins Theater (subject to availability) to develop their proposed projects for a duration of 1-3 consecutive weeks during 2024*.

Please use the attachment to BAC’s studio spaces currently available timeframes, and use as a reference when deciding if this is the right year to apply for a Works In Progress Residency. If selected, the artist and BAC will confirm a time for the residency within BAC and the artist’s availability.


    • Princess Grace Award and Honorarium recipients may apply who are exploring and/or working on projects of a multi-media or interdisciplinary nature.
        • If you received a 2022 Works in Progress Award you are not eligible to apply in the next consecutive year of the grant.
    • Prior to applying, the Princess Grace Award winner must consult BAC Production Staff, no later than May 1, 2023. This ensures the technical needs of the proposed project make use of the appropriate space. This applies to all applicants, even if the artist or collaborators have participated in a previous BAC residency. Failure to consult with BAC will result in the ineligibility of your application.
        • Please email Joe Levasseur to set up a consultation.
        • In advance of the consultation, the artist is also required to view the BAC website for technical specifications and space information. Please take note of equipment inventory, elevator, and studio/theater dimensions, and space drawings and plots which can be found here.
    • Competitive applications will show strong management of the proposed residency. Your application must designate a production manager (it may not be you, but it could be a member of your current artistic team) who will assist in the logistical aspects of the residency with BAC; the production manager must be present for BAC communications/meetings including load-in/load-out dates. This can be their only role or it can be a fellow artist on your team who demonstrates strong, managerial skills. Their role as production manager can be reflected in the budget.
    • Applicants are required to review the following pdf documents: WIP Residency Responsibilities and WIP Pre-Production Timeline to fully understand the residency commitments and responsibilities. Should funding be awarded, the artist and key collaborators are required to communicate with BAC production staff in advance of the residency.
    • Award winners and honoraria can receive 2 annually granted Advancement grants (Special Projects, Works in Progress, CMCC) within a 5 year time period. This does not include your initial Award or Statue Award and does not include Professional Development grants, including the Flaherty Seminar for filmmakers. This new guideline was implemented in 2021 and does not apply to annual grant funding before 2021.


  1. Space and Equipment The applicant must confirm that the choice of a BAC studio or Jerome Robbins Theater will accommodate their project, taking into account the space and number of collaborators involved. The BAC space that is ultimately assigned by BAC for the residency will be exclusively available for the artist’s residency during BAC’s operating hours of Monday – Friday 10 am to 8 pm and Saturday 10 am to 6 pm. The Award-winning artist will have exclusive use of the space while in residence. In addition to studio and equipment access, BAC will provide support in the area of production, the level of which will be determined based on the nature of the project and stage of its development. Please note all technical setup/installment of BAC equipment will be performed by BAC staff.
  2. Networking Opportunities The Award-winning artist, like all BAC artists-in-residence, will have the opportunity to participate in BAC’s creative community, which may include sharing their work informally with BAC’s artistic director, members of their artist advisory panel and staff, as well as peers and other artists working at BAC. Artists are also invited to attend BAC performances or participate in educational workshops taking place at the time. Throughout the residency, the BAC staff is available to provide administrative support to the artist, ranging from providing access to office resources to helping the artist develop professional contacts.
  3. Showing The residency will culminate in a work-in-progress showing held in a BAC studio/theater. BAC staff will assist in creating and disseminating promotional materials, such as e-blasts and a printed program. BAC will also provide technical and front-of-house personnel to facilitate the showing. BAC staff members can assist the artist in promoting the event and reaching out to arts presenters, booking agents, and journalists to give the artist the opportunity to share their work with key administrators and opinion-makers in the arts community.


Typically grants have ranged from $15,000-$30,000 depending upon the duration of the residency and the projected budget.

    • BAC will administer the grant monies, which will be allocated for space, equipment usage, and labor fees, as well as stipends for the artist and key artistic collaborators, production costs, and other artistic and logistical needs as outlined by the applicant.
    • It is fine to have outside sources of income in addition to the funds requested from PGF-USA. However, all costs associated with the use of BAC’s space must be allocated from PGF-USA funds. 


Applications are reviewed by members of the Arts Advisory Board, a multidisciplinary panel and guided by AAB Chair, Melia Bensussen. Samples of previously funded applications are available to review.


      1. Completed application
      2. Current resume; not to exceed 4 pages; minimum font 12pt; 1” margins.
      3. Project description: Clearly describe your project, state your objective and provide examples of how this particular residency at BAC will impact your project as well as your greater artistic goals. Please indicate why the specific resources offered as part of the Works in Progress residency at BAC are vital to realizing your project. Keep in mind that the panel is not looking for an “end result” project. This grant is an opportunity for our Award winners to focus on developing multimedia and interdisciplinary work. Not to exceed 2 pages; minimum font 12pt; 1” margins.
            • Include a list of all anticipated equipment needs. For an overview of BAC equipment inventory please visit the Rental Information Section of the BAC website. All equipment listed on the website may not be available at the time of residency. If equipment needed is not on the BAC inventory, please include this item and expense on the budget under “Anticipated Equipment Rental”.
      4. Collaborator(s) profile: Please provide a short biographical paragraph (4-5 sentences) on each key collaborator and their artistic and technical responsibilities within the residency.
      5. Letters of agreement: Include commitment letters from all key collaborators verifying their working relationship to your project. These letters should speak to their commitment and enthusiasm for the project. The collaborator should also indicate why the resources of BAC are vital to the residency. A key component of this residency is artistic collaboration, and the panel takes into serious account the strength of the collaboration. As a reminder you must designate a Production Manager for the residency, the selected Production Manager should include a letter of commitment and address their roles and responsibilities as such. At the top of each letter the collaborator should list their name and role in project.
      6. Script summary if applicable; not to exceed 2 pages; minimum font 12pt; 1” margins.
      7. Budget: Complete the required budget form and include a detailed artistic budget containing line items necessary for the proposed project.
            • Ineligible expenses: medical, legal, or accounting fees; administrative fees of an organization or company.
            • For applicants traveling from outside the greater NY area, PGF staff is willing to assist the artists in finding reasonably priced housing.
      8. Letter of recommendation: Include at least 1 letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor, or peer.
      9. Support materials: There is an option to include any supporting documents you feel will clarify the nature and objective of your proposal. The panel recommends including a visual component with your application to support the expertise of you and your collaborators.


    • The total duration of all work samples may not exceed 10 minutes. The panel will not view more than 10 minutes of required work samples and it is up to the applicant to edit their samples to fit within the 10-minute timeframe.
    • Should you have key collaborators it is helpful to submit a work sample from these individuals. You have an additional 10 minutes of work sample time in which to show work samples from your key collaborators. This is a total of 10 minutes for all key collaborators, not 10 minutes per collaborator. 
    • Panel will not view promotional videos or promotional materials.
    • Please make sure the link submitted is live and accessible May 15, 2023, through July 31, 2023, to give the panel ample time to view the sample. We strongly recommended that live streaming links be secure, and you must provide the Princess Grace Foundation-USA with passwords that are good through July 31, 2023. 

Tips for successful work samples:

    • We urge you to use care in the selection of samples you submit. Whenever possible, applications should submit sample works that are stylistically relevant to the proposed project.
    • If there are rough scenes of the proposed project available, you may include these clips in the application. Only include this material if it is far enough along to accurately represent the project. Concisely and carefully describe its relevance.
    • The panel has limited time in which to view your work samples, and may not be able to view the work in its entirety. It is helpful to keep that in mind when selecting work samples, and you may provide specific cue points in your description for the panel to use as viewing reference.
    • The panel views all work samples on a single channel screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. It is helpful to use the fields below to describe how your work was originally viewed and is intended to be seen by the audience. This will allow the panel to envision the work as it is intended to be seen.


Here are examples of successful Works in Progress applications.

    • Dance Application – coming soon! 
    • Theater Application – coming soon!
    • Film Application – coming soon! 

Thank you for your interest! The 2023 application has now closed. Please check back in the Fall for information about the 2024 Works in Progress Residency.

Application Deadline: May 15, 2023

Photo: 2017 Princess Grace Special Project recipient Dustin Mills
Photo credit: Joey Moro

Applications are accepted via Submittable.

In the process of completing the application, you will receive emails from Submittable and

You may need to check your junk/spam folders in your emails for any notifications from Submittable during your application process.

Please also advise your nominators to also check their spam/junk folders in their email during your application process.

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