Aiman Mimiko

2023 Princess Grace Award
Nominated by: Columbia University School of the Arts

Roger Moore Film Honor

Aiman Mimiko is a Nigerian-American writer/director whose work centers on African and Muslim perspectives, and the challenge of self-identify in worlds where no one pronounces your name right on the first try. His pilot, Casual Patricide, was a 2022 semifinalist for Fox’s Writer’s Incubator and Humanities’ College Comedy Award. His feature, Quarters, was most recently part of ISF’s Inaugural Muslim Writer’s Lab and won the 2023 Ezra Litwak Distinction in Screenwriting, Columbia University’s top screenwriting award. Quarters is currently in development with Antigravity Academy. Aiman’s short film, Mr. Bold, was shortlisted for BAFTA’s 2023 Live Action Student Award and is currently being submitted to festivals. He holds an MFA in Film with honors from Columbia University and is a BAFTA  Newcomer Talent.