Photo: Daniela Repas (2019 Film)

Our Commitment to Princess Grace Award Winners & Honoraria

The Princess Grace Foundation-USA maintains a long-term commitment to its Award winners. Recognizing that an artist will continue to need both financial support and encouragement as they pursue their craft, the Princess Grace Foundation-USA offers continuing grants to Award winners.


COVID-19 UPDATE: In 2024, we offer Special Project grants and Professional Development grants. All other grants, particularly those that are discipline-specific, or include commissions, are on hold to prioritize funding opportunities to the larger Award winner population. 


PGF-USA also offers the Statue Awards, recognizing Award winners who have made significant artistic contributions to their field.

Professional Development

Quarterly grants for professional development opportunities

Established in 2011
Over $100,000 awarded since inception
Grants available up to $1,000


Recognizing that artists need to continue learn new skills and hone their artistic crafts, Professional Development grants provide funding to Princess Grace Award winners for opportunities such as seminars, classes, or conferences to develop capacity and knowledge in artistic development and/or arts management. Princess Grace Award winners are invited to seek out opportunities that will help strengthen their sustainability in the arts marketplace by developing a new artistic skill set, marketing and promotion efforts, and increasing management capacity



Special Project

Project specific support for an unique and consequential opportunity at a critical juncture in your career.

Established in 2003
Nearly $2,000,000 awarded in grants since inception
Average grant amount $7,500 – $30,000


The Princess Grace Foundation-USA anticipates that the normal course of your artistic career will include staging new work, creating new films, choreographing new pieces, etc., and it considers these projects part of your natural artistic development. In contrast, the Special Project Grant supports projects that challenge and nurture your artistic growth. The panel looks to fund projects that offer unique and consequential opportunities at a critical juncture in an artist’s career.


Next available grant period: September 1, 2024 – August 31, 2025
Application opens: February 15, 2024
Application deadline: May 15, 2024



Works in Progress Residency

Residency opportunity at Baryshnikov Arts Center


Established in 2008
Nearly $1,000,000 awarded in grants since inception
Average grant amount $15,000 – $30,000


Works in Progress residencies at BAC offer Princess Grace Award winners and honoraria the opportunity for creative experimentation without the pressure to produce a final, finished product. Specifically the residency with BAC gives Princess Grace Award winning artists the space and resources for an incubation period to develop a particular project. Artists are given exclusive and full access to the selected studio space during the residency, and the residency enables the artist to explore, experiment and push the boundaries of their work in an environment that focuses on process over product.


This aligns seamlessly with the mission of BAC, which serves as “an international center for artistic experimentation and collaboration, providing unique opportunities for the professional development of emerging and mid-career artists from around the world and across disciplines.”


The artists selected for the Works in Progress residency will be afforded use of a BAC studio or the Jerome Robbins Theater (subject to availability) to develop their proposed projects for a duration of 1-3 consecutive weeks.

Choreography Mentorship Co-Commission (CMCC)

Commission and residency opportunity with an emphasis on mentorship.


Established in 2013
Over $100,000 awarded since inception
Grant Amount $30,000 to 1 residency a year


The AAB, sensing a consistent need in the dance field for time and space to perform, as well as the opportunity and platform to work with a mentor to help choreographers grow artistically, created the Choreography Mentorship Co-Commission (CMCC). The grant provides Princess Grace Award winners a residency opportunity that focuses on the development of a new work and the opportunity to work with a mentor who will help the choreographer. The goal is to provide Princess Grace Award winners time, space and guidance to work on a choreographic vision, and see that vision realized in a performance.


The CMCC is a 2 part application process: applicants submit a letter of intent in the Fall 2019 outlining their proposed mentor and host organization, and selected applicants are invited to submit the full application in Spring 2020.




Professional Development Partnerships for Filmmakers


Established 2015


International Emerging Film Talent/Marché du Film*

Beginning in 2018, PGF-USA is partners with the International Emerging Film Talent Association to provide the opportunity for a Princess Grace Award winner to participate in Marché du Film’s Producers Workshop. This opportunity is awarded every other year, with 2020 as the next available year. PGF-USA & IEFTA are looking for emerging filmmakers, who may still be in school or recently completed school. Applicants will be selected from the 2018 & 2019 Award winners.

IEFTA provides full funding for the Marché du Film including travel and accommodations


Flaherty Seminar

In 2017 PGF-USA began partnering with the Flaherty Film Seminar to offer Princess Grace Film Award winners the opportunity to participate as a Flaherty Fellow. The Flaherty Film Seminar is a week-long event taking place in June in Hamilton, NY. Fellows attending the Seminar participate in all events, and exclusive opportunities for Fellows include:

    • Masterclass with a distinguished guest filmmaker
    • Curatorial workshop focused on the art of curating/programming
    • Opportunity to meet featured filmmakers and selected participants

Flaherty Film Seminar is open to filmmakers working in all forms of independent film and video.  PGF-USA is looking for emerging to mid-career filmmakers, who have completed school, and who have completed a minimum of 2-3 features or short films. The Fellowship to the Flaherty may best serve artists who are developing new projects and open to creative input or artists who are looking for inspiration.


PGF-USA support provides travel within the USA to Hamilton, NY and room & board at the Seminar.

Statue Award

Established 1985
67 Statue Award winners

The Princess Grace Statue Award, established in 1985, recognizes past Award winners who have made significant contributions to their chosen artistic field of theater, dance or film since receiving their initial Award. There is no formal application for the Statue Awards; decisions are made internally by the Arts Advisory Board. Statue Award winners are honored at the Princess Grace Awards Gala.

Grant Selection Process

Continuing grants are reviewed the Princess Grace Foundation’s Arts Advisory Board, helmed by Arts Advisory Board Chair Melia Bensussen.

Learn more about the Arts Advisory Board and panel process here.