The Princess Grace Foundation-USA holds the exclusive rights to and facilitates the licensing of Princess Grace of Monaco’s (née Grace Kelly) name and likeness throughout the world.

With the involvement of The Princely Family of Monaco and thanks to the dedication of the Foundation’s Vice Chairman, Robert O. Marx, licensing arrangements are negotiated and creatively realized to provide a valuable source of funds for the Princess Grace Awards program.

As the representative of one of history’s most influential and prolific icons of the 20th century, The Princess Grace Foundation-USA takes very seriously its responsibility to uphold and enhance the legacy of Princess Grace of Monaco.

To ensure that Princess Grace’s likeness continues to inspire all generations and inform the art of film, fashion and philanthropy, the Foundation is committed to working with brands and individuals making Her likeness accessible to audiences around the world.

Since the time of Her passing in 1982, the Foundation has had the exclusive right to license the personality rights of Princess Grace and is the sole entity authorized to grant permission for usage of Her image. Additional copyrights may also be required by third parties and may be licensed for reproduction by them. If you are uncertain about the appropriate party to grant a license for the reproduction of an image of Princess Grace, the Foundation may be able to provide information to you.

Reproduction Requests

In order for your request to be processed, kindly fill in the form below as completely as possible so that we may carefully evaluate your proposed use. If you are unable to submit your request online using the form, please email the details of the proposal to the Diana Kemppainen at

The Foundation’s Licensing Committee will review submitted information and be in touch with you as quickly as possible—if your request is approved, a written licensing agreement will be issued.

As part of the protocol, successful licensees of Princess Grace’s image are expected to observe the following guidelines: the approved image must be shown in its entirety without cropping or overlay of type; the Foundation must be given the opportunity to review and approve the final design layout (including facing pages), credit lines, and any accompanying text for accuracy at least one week in advance of publication or public release; and copies of the item(s) in which an image of Princess Grace is licensed must be provided to the Foundation for its archival repository upon request. These guidelines are binding legal requirements for images licensed by the Foundation, and in cases where an invoice is issued, no grant of reproduction rights is effective until payment of the required licensing fee is made in full and received by the Foundation. Revenues generated through licensing fees directly support The Princess Grace Awards Program.

Licensing Request Form

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