The Princess Grace Statue Award, established in 1985, recognizes Award winners who have made significant contributions to their chosen artistic field of theater, dance or film since receiving their initial scholarships, apprenticeships or fellowships. To date, 67 artists have received this honor.

Chinonye Chukwu, 2019 Recipient

Kyle Abraham, 2018 Recipient

Sam Gold, 2018 Recipient

Bridget Carpenter, 2017 Recipient

Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, 2017 Recipient

Camille A. Brown, 2016 Recipient

Leslie Odom, Jr., 2016 Recipient

Cary Fukunaga, 2015 Recipient

David Hallberg, 2014 Recipient

Oscar Isaac, 2014 Recipient

Wendy Levy, 2013 Recipient

Tiler Peck, 2013 Recipient

Darron L. West, 2012 Recipient

Patrick Page, 2012 Recipient

Jon M. Chu, 2011 Recipient

Anna D. Shapiro, 2010 Recipient

Brian Kulick, 2009 Recipient

Gillian Murphy, 2009 Recipient

Rose Bond, 2008 Recipient

Alex Hammond, 2008 Recipient

Robert Battle, 2007 Recipient

Michael John Garces, 2007 Recipient

Maria Kowroski, 2006 Recipient

Adam Rapp, 2006 Recipient

Mark Christopher, 2005 Recipient

Eric Simonson, 2005 Recipient

Dawn Marie Stoppiello, 2004 Recipient

Paul Tazewell, 2004 Recipient

Ilya Chaiken, 2003 Recipient

Kate Robin, 2003 Recipient

Stephen Hillenburg, 2002 Recipient

Jennie Renee Somogyi, 2002 Recipient

David Riker, 2001 Recipient

Michael Wilson, 2001 Recipient

Riccardo Hernandez, 2000 Recipient

Tony Pemberton, 2000 Recipient

Tina Landau, 1999 Recipient

Ethan Stiefel, 1999 Recipient

Christopher Ashley, 1998 Recipient

Gregory Mottola, 1998 Recipient

Nancy Bannon, 1997 Recipient

Candy Buckley, 1997 Recipient

Lou Jacob, 1996 Recipient

Rico Martinez, 1996 Recipient

Yareli Arizmendi, 1995 Recipient

Tina LeBlanc-Jerkunica, 1995 Recipient

Anthony Kushner, 1994 Recipient

Diane Madden, 1994 Recipient

Olaniyi Areke, 1993 Recipient

Melia Bensussen, 1993 Recipient

Li Cunxin, 1993 Recipient

Jacqueline Gill, 1992 Recipient

Anne Waugh, 1992 Recipient

Bruce Graham, 1991 Recipient

Pauline Reyniack, 1991 Recipient

Susan Fenichell, 1990 Recipient

Dennis Rees, 1990 Recipient

Margaret Tracey, 1989 Recipient

Mark Ramont, 1989 Recipient

Scott Allegrucci, 1988 Recipient

Melissa Carpenter, 1988 Recipient

Amanda McKerrow, 1987 Recipient

Paul Warner, 1987 Recipient

Terese Capucilli, 1986 Recipient

Evan Yionoulis, 1986 Recipient

Natalie Carter, 1985 Recipient

Runsheng Ying, 1985 Recipient

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The highest honor that the Princess Grace Awards bestows, a generous gift toward the Statue Award program celebrates artists whose illustrious careers have distinguished them from their peers.