Professional Development Grants



Established in 2011
Over $100,000 awarded since inception
Grants available up to $1,000


Recognizing that artists need to continue learn new skills and hone their artistic crafts, Professional Development grants provide funding to Princess Grace Award winners for opportunities such as seminars, classes, or conferences to develop capacity and knowledge in artistic development and/or arts management. Princess Grace Award winners are invited to seek out opportunities that will help strengthen their sustainability in the arts marketplace by developing a new artistic skill set, marketing and promotion efforts, and increasing management capacity.


Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis via email to the Grants Manager, Olivia Lichens. Application reminders are sent via the monthly Award winner newsletter. 


The Princess Grace Foundation-USA’s Professional Development Grants provide funding to hone your craft and learn new skills related to managing your career. Whether you intend this professional development opportunity to add a new artistic skill set to your repertoire or update an existing one, promote yourself and your work, or increase your management capacity, we invite you to seek out opportunities that will help you strengthen your sustainability in the arts marketplace.

  • The requested funds must be used for activities that fall within the grant period. We are unable to fund an opportunity prior to the start of the grant period.
  • Should you be awarded a Professional Development grant, the funds must be spent for the requested activity and within the requested grant period. Funds may not be carried forward to the next grant period nor may you request funds be used for alternative activities.


Grant Periods for 2024:


1st Quarter | January – March, 2024
Application deadline: January 10, 2024
Notification: January 31, 2024


2nd Quarter | April – June 2024
Application deadline: February 16, 2024
Notification: March 15, 2024


3rd Quarter | July – September 2024
Application deadline: May 19, 2024
Notification: June 15, 2024


4th Quarter | October – December 2024
Application deadline: August 15, 2024
Notification: September 16, 2024


  • The maximum request is $1,000
  • You may request funds for travel costs associated with the activity (i.e. transportation/hotel)


The Princess Grace Foundation’s Professional Development Grants provide funding for seminars/classes/conferences to develop capacity and knowledge in both artistic development and arts management. Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Management training (e.g., how to work with an agent)
  • Marketing/PR strategies (e.g., how to fill the house)
  • Grant writing tools (e.g., writing grants and who to go to)
  • Financial and bookkeeping basics (e.g., budget development)
  • Resource Development (e.g., networking)
  • Classes/workshops to further develop your craft (e.g. stage combat, directing for camera, digital editing)

Ineligible requests

  • Project based requests: PDG requests should be for general career advancement rather than costs associated with a specific project/new work/etc. While it may be the case that you request funds to acquire a needed skill in order to take advantage of a particular opportunity, competitive applications request assistance to build skills that may help not just for one particular project, but for your career as well.
  • Courses that are part of a degree program (i.e., MFA)

Repeat Applicants: While there is no limitation on the amount of Professional Development grants, you can receive, priority consideration is given to applicants who have not yet received a Professional Development grant within the grant year (January – December 2024).

Should you be applying for the same type of support you have previously received funding for, it is recommended that you carefully explain why continued support from PGF-USA is necessary.




Discipline in which you received your Princess Grace Award:


Year of Princess Grace Award:


Current artistic discipline(s)/form(s):


Institution offering activity:


URL or link:


Date(s) of activity:


Cost in $US*:


Breakdown of cost for the request:


Case statement:

Funding is extremely competitive and applicants are encouraged to take time and care to clearly make your case for Princess Grace Foundation support. Priority consideration will be given to applicants whose statement includes an explanation of the activity, the importance of the activity at this juncture of your career, and the impact of PGF-USA support. It is recommended that your statement be a minimum of one (1) page, but not more than two (2).


*You are welcome to take classes outside of the U.S., however funds are paid in $USD and it is up to you as the applicant to do the currency conversion for your courses.


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Photo: Princess Grace Award Winner Thalia Fry