Who is eligible to apply for Princess Grace Award continuing grants?

Princess Grace Award winners and honoraria recipients are eligible to apply for all continuing grants. You are eligible to apply for these continuing grants even if you have already received a Princess Grace Statue Award.

Can I apply for multiple grants in the same year (i.e., Special Projects and Works in Progress)?

You may apply for multiple grants in the same year, but the grant applications should be for separate projects. You may not apply for multiple grants with the same project or different components of the same project.

If I have previously won a Scholarship, Apprenticeship, or Fellowship, may I apply in a different Princess Grace Award category. Princess Grace Award, may I reapply for ?

No. Once you received a scholarship, apprenticeship, or fellowship you are no longer eligible to apply for an Award in any of these categories. For example: if you received a Theater Scholarship as a student, you are not eligible to apply for a Scholarship, Apprenticeship or Fellowship in either Theater, Dance or Film. Instead we offer Princess Grace Award winners continuing grant opportunities in these categories: Special Projects, Works in Progress, CMCC, Professional Development, and Filmmaker Advancement.

How are Continuing Grants selected?

Special Project and Works in Progress grants are selected by members of the Arts Advisory Board (AAB), including Chairs of each discipline. They review written material in advance of coming together to view visual materials and discuss applicants.

The Choreography Mentorship Co-Commission is selected by the Dance Panel, chaired by Bonnie Oda Homsey.

Professional Development Grants are selected by the Chairs of each discipline (Theater, Dance, Film) and the Arts Advisory Board Chair. Applications are evaluated and discussed via email.

Filmmaker Advancement opportunities are selected by the Arts Advisory Board Chair, Film Chair and members of the AAB with film expertise.

What is the Arts Advisory Board and Discipline Chairs?

The Arts Advisory Board (AAB) is a voluntary board who assist in overseeing the Princess Grace Awards grants program. Members are experts and leaders in their artistic fields and help PGF-USA develop funding that is responsive to the needs of the artistic community. The AAB Chair leads this team of professionals and serves as a liaison member of the Board of Trustees.

Each discipline funded by PGF-USA is also chaired by an individual with expertise in that specialty: theater, dance, and film. Chairs build diverse adjudication panels of highly knowledgeable, credentialed, nationally recognized peers in the fields who are committed to the future of the performing arts.

Together, the AAB Chair and Discipline Chairs are integral in developing new grant initiatives, including continuing grants (i.e., Special Project grants, Works in Progress residencies, Professional Development grants, Choreography Mentorship Co-Commission, Filmmaker Advancement).

  • Melia Bensussen, Arts Advisory Board Chair
  • Linda Blackaby, Film Chair
  • Bonnie Oda Homsey, Dance Chair
  • Ted Rawlins, Theater Chair

How are Statue Award winners selected?

Statue Award winners are selected internally by the Arts Advisory Board; there is no formal application for the Statue Awards. However, to be considered, you MUST be in contact with the Foundation. You should send Diana Kemppainen, Program Director, your headshot, bio, updated contact information and list of current projects. Only previous Princess Grace Award winners are eligible. Honoraria recipients are not eligible to be considered.

Have a question not on the FAQ? Email Program Director, Diana Kemppainen