Princess Grace Statue Award, 2004

Princess Grace Award
Dance Scholarship, 1987
California Institute of the Arts



Additional Grants:
• 2014 Professional Development Grant
• 2009 Special Project Award

Dawn Stoppiello is a conceptual artist whose primary material is the human body in action. Her current work intentionally straddles the two simultaneous realities that occur in performance: the real people on stage and in the audience, and the fantasy being created by the event. These performances become an examination of how meaning is built from the encounter between performers and viewers. Her works have recently been seen via her Salon du Garage series: intimate performance installations in her home and garage in Portland, OR.

Stoppiello is most recognized for her 25+ years of choreography for bodies interfaced to computers through sensory systems and dancing in synchrony with projected images. With composer Mark Coniglio she co-founded Troika Ranch, a critically acclaimed performance ensemble that has been innovating and experimenting with computer technology in live performance since the late 1980s. Troika Ranch creates hybrid artworks through an ongoing examination of the moving body and its relationship to technology. This aesthetic framework has informed Troika Ranch’s artistic output on every level since its inception and has earned the company a critically acclaimed international reputation. From its split base in Portland, Or and Berlin, Germany, Troika Ranch builds upon a body of work that fosters many points of contact with the public – through multi-media performances, installations and films; annual intensive workshops on live-media collaboration; and with publications and lectures on live-media performance.

Troika Ranch has been honored with a “Bessie” Award, a prize from Prix Ars Electronica and has received major support from The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, the MAP Fund, the Arts Council England and the Jerome foundation among others.

Inaugurated in January 2016, Stoppiello facilitates the Real Ranch Residency in her recently opened Yes Studio in Portland, Oregon. Designed for performing and installation artists in the early stages of media design and conception, the Real Ranch Residency provides inexpensive weeklong access to space, equipment, expertise and housing for small collaborative teams.

Stoppiello has performed, taught and lectured throughout Europe, Australia, Canada and the US. She is currently an Adjunct Professor of Dance at Portland State University. Her writings have been published by many journals and books focused on media and art practices. She began her career at the Jefferson High School for the Performing Arts, received a BFA in dance from California Institute of the Arts and an MFA in dance from George Washington University. Stoppiello has received multiple honors from the Princess Grace Foundation-USA including the Statue Award in 2004 for her continued excellence in her field. She performed with Jazz Tap Ensemble as a teenager and was a member of the Bella Lewitzky Dance Company in the early 1990s.