Princess Grace Statue Award, 2008

Princess Grace Award
Graduate Film Scholarship, 1989
School of the Art



Additional Grants:
• 2011 Special Project Award
• 2006 Special Project Award
• 2004 Special Project Award

Entitled In Situ, media artist Rose Bond’s public, multi-channel animated installation will premiere in multiple windows of the Pearl District’s historic Maytag Building during the inaugural PLATFORM International Animation Festival in June 2007 in Portland, Oregon. An exploration of place, In Situ will reference the building’s past while focusing on an individual’s compulsion for keeping things in place, organized, and under control. With this work, Rose will continue her exploration of montage animation in multi-channel projections. Sponsored by the Cartoon Network, PLATFORM—the only U.S. based major animation festival—will draw top talents from both television and the international art animation film world. With a mission to showcase new forums for animation, PLATFORM will host the world’s first international competition for animated installations.