Princess Grace Award
Theater Scholarship, 2019
California Institute of the Arts
Fabergé Theater Honor


Salmah Beydoun was born in Oakland, California in 1991. She holds an Architecture degree from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico. Since 2015, she assists scenic designers in several operas, ballets and theater pieces such as, Cosí Fan Tutte, Carmen, Constallations, Rent, Le Nozze de Fígaro and more. Salmah is co-founder of Colectivo Berenjena; a group of young artists creating original work for theater and film. She is currently in her third-year MFA in Scenic Design at CalArts. She designed Metaphysics of a Two headed Calf directed by Natalia Korczakowska, as a collaboration between Studio Theater and CalArts CNP, it performed as part of the Divine Comedy International Theater Festival 2018 at Krakow and currently showing in Warsaw. Last spring, she collaborated with director Monty Cole on a theater adaptation of Black Like Me. Salmah is currently working as a generative artist in the United States and Mexico.