Emilie Leriche

2015 Princess Grace Award
Dance Fellowship
Nominated by: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Additional Grants from the Princess Grace Foundation
• 2021 Special Project Grant

Emilie Leriche is dancer and creator, now based in Sweden with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. Her career has travelled her many places, and built her many homes. Following two years in their second company, Leriche spent four years dancing with the main company of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. Leaving her home and community in Chicago to move across the sea provided a needed reset and shift, and carried the important lesson that ‘Home’ can be so many places and with so many people. Over her years in Sweden, she has felt herself drawn towards creation, towards the tender place we all go as artists when we decide to build and explore something new. It is what she loves most about dance and choreography: their ability to reveal the deeper, human qualities that are within us and connect us. She has created work on Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, and generated her own research alongside her colleagues at GöteborgsOperan. In the spring of 2021, she and Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern were selected as a part of Orsolina 28’s “Call for Creation” initiative, where the process for On Mending began in a month long residency. She looks forward to the opportunity to push and explore the piece even further during her time at Baryshnikov Arts Center.

Photo credit: Danijel Bogdanic