Jeanette Fantone

2022 Princess Grace Award
Nominated by: California Institute of the Arts, School of Film/Video
Stephen Hillenberg Animation Honor


Jeanette Fantone is a Japanese-Filipino animator from Carpinteria, CA. Her work largelypulls from cultural nostalgia and gravitates toward manipulations of texture and tactility asa way of invoking impressions of memory. In using After Effects as a playful medium, shehas adopted a compositing-heavy process intent on exploration, intuition, and fun.Jeanette received her BFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts in 2022 and completedthree films in residence, the latest being her graduation film, “Fairies Inside A TumblingBalloon.” Her work has screened in festivals such as the Ottawa International AnimationFilm Festival and San Diego Underground.Aside from her primary work, Jeanette is a member of the AfterHours AnimationCommunity, volunteers with mutual aid in Little Tokyo, and does handpoke tattoos with aclientele focused on queer Filipinos.