Luna Izpisua Rodriguez

2023 Princess Grace Honoraria
Nominated by: California Institute of the Arts


Luna Izpisua Rodriguez (b.1994) is a Roma-Spanish director working in theater, video, sculpture, and writing. Her interdisciplinary performances document the labor required to craft identity in a world caught between live and mediated presence, and between global and familial relations. They are reflections on absence— absence of inherited place, ancestry, and community in the presence of changing borders and climates. She is currently a CalArts MFA candidate in Theater Directing and Fine Arts, and holds a B.S. in Chemistry (Commencement Speaker) and a Masters in Industrial Engineering (Fung Fellow), both from UC Berkeley. Luna has shown work at the Pauline-Kael Gallery (Berkeley), the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (San Francisco), the Walter Murch Residence (Bolinas), the Cal Arts Modular Theater (Los Angeles), .zip (New York), and in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco).