Sarah Ballard

2023 Princess Grace Award
Nominated by: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts


Sarah Ballard is an experimental filmmaker and artist whose work concerns hauntological subjects––afterimages of colonialism, ghosts of the working class, and political residues of hysteria. Recently, Sarah completed Heat Spells, a piece about how the Fountain of Youth mythology forever changed the landscape of St. Augustine, Florida, and There, Where She is Not, a film attempting to recollect a memory of her grandmother’s that she can no longer access. Her work has screened at festivals such as Antimatter [Media Art], San Diego Underground Film Festival, CROSSROADS, Engauge Experimental Film Festival, Onion City Experimental Film Festival, and Montreal Independent Film Festival. Sarah is completing an MFA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Department of Film, Video, Animation and New Genres.