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This holiday season, please join the Princess Grace Foundation in a truly special year-end appeal to fund extraordinary emerging talent in theater, dance and film. As a thank you for your tax-deductible donation, you will receive exclusive products from Grace de Monaco the first global luxury-for-good brand inspired by the timeless elegance of Princess Grace.

Where Hollywood meets royalty

Grace de Monaco is the definitive expression of the glamour of modern Monaco and the timeless elegance of the French Riviera. Boldly created to capture the imagination, Grace de Monaco, like our classic muse Princess Grace, is iconic. A brand founded on the principles of luxury-for-good that insists on captivating creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship. Grace de Monaco is where Hollywood meets royalty and where the legacy of Princess Grace and the regal aura of the French Riviera become one.

Promenade Sur Le Rocher

Our premier product offering, The Promenade Sur Le Rocher Collection has been exquisitely crafted by globally renowned leaders in fragrance and design. Award-winning Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp (Firmenich) guided by the expertise of Veronique Gabai (Estee Lauder) has brought to life an opulent floral bouquet, a rendition of facets that instantly captivates the attention. Jerome Faillant-Dumas (Dior, YSL) designed the vessels and packaging for the Promenade Sur Le Rocher Collection and the result of his work sets a new standard in the luxury fragrance category.

The Collection

The Reverie Eternelle of Promenade Sur Le Rocher

Conceived as an elegant white floral, Promenade Sur Le Rocher radiates with bergamot and rose centifolia. Evolving with a touch of exotic Ylang Ylang, the fragrance lingers with sensuality on skin and notes of amber, woods, musk, and vanilla.

30ML Parfum at 25% oil concentration
w-Nomad Spray and funnel

Parfumer: Oliver Cresp

Made in France

Ingredients: Rose Grasse, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Bergamot, Freesia, Musk, Amber, Vanilla

Promenade Sur Le Rocher is pure celebration

Promenade Sur Le Rocher, like our muse Princess Grace, is bold and passionate – a fragrance filled with elegance, and surprise that is crafted from the most sustainable luxury ingredients.

100ML Parfum at 15% oil concentration

Parfumer: Oliver Cresp

Ingredients: Rose Grasse, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Bergamot, Freesia, Musk, Amber, Vanilla

Porcelain Fragrance Diffuser

Conceived as a sculpture in ceramic that is not only evocative of the French Riviera but is an artistic creation that leaves an indelible mark on any room. Our innovative ceramic casting process diffuses the fragrance gently and with delicate balance creating an atmosphere that fills the home with a warm, inviting, yet subtle fragrance. Composed of a bouquet of flowers inspired directly by Princess Grace’s love of floral design and her love for her three children.


Lid: H: 24mm W:81mm
Jar: H: 96mm W:81mm

Limited Edition Scented Candle

Infused with our premier fragrance Promenade Sur Le Rocher, this limited edition scented candle is available exclusively here for Princess Grace Foundation donors.

Size: 240 grams

Fragrance: Promenade Sur Le Rocher