Princess Grace Foundation Announces 2023 Awardees and Scholarship Recipients

Princess Grace Foundation Announces 2023 Awardees and Scholarship Recipients

August 1, 2023The Princess Grace Foundation has awarded 29 individuals and names grant and scholarship recipients for the 2023 Princess Grace Awards. Founded in memory of actor Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, PGF has been celebrating and supporting budding artists in film, dance and theater since 1982. Kelly, known for her roles in Zinnemann’s “High Noon” and Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” and “Dial M for Murder,” is considered a symbol of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

“For nearly 40 years the Princess Grace Foundation has been the proud steward of Princess Grace’s legacy; realizing her vision to support new generations of extraordinary and diverse talent in theater, dance and film,” said Brisa Carleton, CEO of PGF. “This year we received our highest number of applications, and we are so impressed with the talent of the applicant pool.”

Of the large number of individuals nominated studios and institutions like Julliard, UCLA and the American Ballet Theatre, 18 were awarded, each earning a $15,000 cash grant. In addition, 11 individuals received the $1,500 Honoraria awards.

“The Princess Grace Award is an honor that validates the marathon that is trying to break into the film industry,” said Aiman Mimiko, a Princess Grace Award winner. “In a sense, running along the same path as artists whose work I and so many others have admired, has lent me another boost of endurance as I continue on the path towards a career as a writer/director.”

Jesús I. Valles, also a winner said in a statement, “At such a precarious time for artists in this country, when we are called to help invent and document human survival, to mourn our dead, to imagine new futures, receiving this kind of support from The Princess Grace Foundation is deeply life-affirming; this is confirmation that choosing the artist’s path is a worthwhile pursuit.”

Other awards include the Grace Kelly scholarships, given to five individuals this year, and the advancement grants, given to previous award winners for continued support of their ongoing projects or residencies.

The 2023 awardees will be celebrated with an online celebration this fall, followed by the Princess Grace Awards summit and gala in 2024.

Pictured above: Emani Drake, dance performance honoraria.