The Princess Grace Foundation-USA is dedicated to upholding the legacy of Princess Grace of Monaco, (née Grace Kelly) and elevating extraordinary emerging artists in theater, dance and film through career-advancing grants.


Her commitment to advance the arts in the United States is sustained by the Princess Grace Awards which supports and elevates extraordinary early career artists in theater, dance and film through game-changing grants; and nurtures and supports Princess Grace Award winners throughout their careers.


In 2023, the Princess Grace Foundation is proud to recognize 18 Princess Grace Award winners and 11 Honoraria recipients. This extraordinary group of artists join our community of over 900 Princess Grace Award winners and Honoraria.


Nominated by: The Juilliard School
Grace Le Vine Theater Honor

I am an actor and theater-maker, with a background in improvisation.

Nominated by: David Mendizábal, Princess Grace Award winner (Theater 2021)
John Gore Theater Honor

I am a choreographer, filmmaker and director working in theater, dance and film.

Nominated by: UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

Pierre Cardin Theater Honor

I am a costume designer who works primarily in film and theater.

Nominated by: Lucas Baisch, Princess Grace Award winner (Playwriting 2021)

Gant Gaither Theater Honor

I am a writer/performer working across solo performance, playwriting, and poetry, deeply invested in the complex relationship between tenderness and brutality.

Nominated by: University of California, San Diego
Robert and Gloria Hausman Theater Honor

I am a sound designer who works primarily in theatre.


Nominated by: Stanford University

I am an actor, playwright, filmmaker, and healer who works primarily in theatre and film.

Nominated by: The Public Theater
 I am a proud Gay Mexican Scenic Designer with Indigenous Mexica (Aztec) roots who works primarily in theatre.

Nominated by: Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

I am a theater artist mainly working as a costume designer with a strong performance background.

Nominated by: American Repertory Theater
I am a composer-lyricist-librettist and writer who works primarily in theater and film.

Nominated by: California Institute of the Arts

I am a theater director with a practice in performance art, video, sculpture, and writing.


New Dramatists
Playwriting Fellowship

I am a Black, Haitian-American NYC-born and based writer, director, performer, and educator who creates vortexes that center, celebrate and amplify Black folks through an Afrosurrealist lens. 


Nominated by: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

I am a multidisciplinary dance artist trained in classical, concert, and commercial styles currently engaged in contemporary dance.

Nominated by: New York City Center

I am a tap dance artist. 

Nominated by: National Institute of Flamenco

I am a New Mexican flamenco dancer and choreographer, trained in performance repertory, choreography, solo improvised tablao work, and pedagogy.


Nominated by: American Ballet Theatre

Chris Hellman Dance Honor

I am a professional ballet dancer.


Nominated by: Deeply Rooted Dance Theater

I am a vessel, artist, and athlete, who heals and inspires through dance.


Nominated by: Kaatsbaan Cultural Park
I am a queer choreographer and dance artist creating emotionally driven works for stage and film.


Nominated by: A.I.M by Kyle Abraham

I am an artist who works primarily in choreography and dance performance.



Nominated by: Ballet West

I am a choreographer and dancer, working primarily in ballet.


Nominated by: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts

I am a filmmaker who works across non-fiction and experimental forms.

Nominated by: Latino Film Institute
 John H. Johnson Film Honor

I am a film director.


Nominated by: California Institute of the Arts
 Stephen Hillenburg Animation Honor

I am an animation filmmaker who works primarily in experimental narratives.


Nominated by: Columbia University School of the Arts
Sir Roger Moore Film Honor

I am a writer/director who works primarily in narrative forms.

Nominated by: Pepi Ginsberg, Princess Grace Award winner (Film 2021)
Cary Grant Film Honor

I am a writer and director, who works primarily in Film.


Nominated by: Hunter College

I am an artist working primarily with 2D hand-drawn animation.



Nominated by: Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Arts Center
I am an Onöndowa’ga:’ story keeper and filmmaker whose work spans documentary, creative non-fiction, and experimental video art. 

Nominated by: California Institute of the Arts
I am a filmmaker and animator who creates whimsical, offbeat, and heartfelt films.

Nominated by: Brown Girls Doc Mafia
I am a director and cinematographer, I work primarily in documentary film.

Nominated by: New York University Tisch School of the Arts
I am an endlessly curious writer/director who uses film and television to understand the world in which I live and the people who populate it. 


The Princess Grace Foundation continues to support and nurture our Princess Grace Award winners and Honoraria throughout their artistic journey, offering exclusive grants to Princess Grace Award winners and Honoraria for uniquely significant projects that advance their artistic development. In 2023, 9 artists will receive Special Project grants and 2 artists will receive Works in Progress residencies, in partnership with the Baryshnikov Arts.


Film 2021
Project: The Incredible Sensational Fiancee of Dr. Seyi Ajayi

Dance 1989
Project: Diversion of Angels

Choreography 2014
Project: PROPHET

Film 2021
Project: When the Sun Warms | Cuando Calienta el Sol

Film 2013
Project: With Grace

Film 2013
Project: The Queen’s Flowers

Playwriting 2022
Project: Machine Learning

Film 2011
Project: Backside

Theater 2007
Project: THE SINCERITY PROJECT #5 — 10th Anniversary


Dance 2011
Project: BASIL (Working Title)

Choreography 2015


The Grace Kelly Scholarship for Thespian Excellence identifies and nurtures high school theatre-makers and performers. In partnership with the Educational Theatre Foundation, Grace Kelly Scholarships provide access to the necessary resources and encouragement that meaningfully impacts young artists’ ability to succeed on their paths to becoming successful professional artists.

Grace Kelly Scholarship recipients are chosen from participants in the International Thespian Society and the annual International Thespian Excellence Awards (or Thespys). There are 2 types of scholarships:

  • Grace Kelly Training Scholarships: (grades 9-11): 5 recipients selected annually will receive a one-time award of $1,000 to encourage ongoing pursuit of artistic education.
  • Grace Kelly Scholarships: 5 recipients selected annually will receive a total of $6,000: $1,000/year 4-year scholarship to attend a college, conservatory, or pre-professional training program, a $1,000 award upon completion plus a $1,000 internship stipend. Winners will be paired with a professional mentor chosen by the Princess Grace Foundation from its Princess Grace Award winners.

Grace Kelly Training Scholarship recipients

Gavin Evanson

Musical Theater

Carter Pask

Makeup Design

Joey Roth

Musical Theater

Kayden Shelmire


Casey Swanson


Grace Kelly Scholarship recipients

Year 1

Year 1 Grace Kelly Scholarship recipients were selected in 2023, and this is Year 1 of their 4 year scholarship.

Zehra Hassan

Sound Design

Zari McIntosh


Jada Sifford

Musical Theater

Zalah Vallien

Musical Theater

Isis Washington

Makeup Design

Year 2

Year 2 Grace Kelly Scholarship recipients were selected in 2022, and this is Year 2 of their 4 year scholarship.

Kevin Anderson

Musical Theater

Adam Flores


Daiara Garcia

Costume Design

J’kyil Poole


Nicholas Wilkinson

Musical Theater

Year 3
Year 3 Grace Kelly Scholarship recipients were selected in 2021, and this is Year 3 of their 4 year scholarship.

Margaret Hammond

Costume Design

Natalie Lawton

Stage Management

Grace Sorenson

Musical Theater

Pradanya Subramanyan

Stage Management

Trysten Williams


Selection Process


Princess Grace Award winners and honoraria are selected annually by experts in theater, dance and film. Each panelist brings their own experience and aesthetic to the table, and decisions are made by panel consensus. Applicants undergo 2 stages of review.

In 2023, applicants to the Princess Grace Awards self-identified a primary discipline and secondary discipline(s) to be evaluated in.

2023 Princess Grace Awards Panelists


Rachel Sussman, Chair


Carlos Armesto*

Michael John Garces*

Rachel Hauck*

Ken-Matt Martin

Roberta Pereira

Seret Scott

Sam Willmott

Tamilla Woodard

Dance & Choreography

Margaret Tracey*, Chair


James Fayette

Claudia Schreier*

Pam Tanowitz

Endalyn Taylor

Eduardo Vilaro

Jawole Willa Jo Zollar


Woo J. Cho, Chair


Miriam Bale

Rose Bond*

Dessane Lopez Cassell

Daniel Chein*

Roy Conli

Ayanna Dozier

Carlos A. Gutiérrez

Iva Radivojevic*

Josh Siegel

Advancement grants selected by panelists which include members of the Arts Advisory Council (AAC). Panelists are experts, practitioners and leaders in theater, dance and film. Each bring their own experience, expertise and aesthetic, and decisions are made by consensus in a multidisciplinary panel.

Special Projects & Works in Progress

Michael John Garces*

Billy Luther

Paul Singh

Abby Sun

Heléne Alexopoulos Warrick

Darron West*

*Previous Princess Grace Award winners

Grace Kelly Scholarships

Grace Kelly Scholarships are selected in partnership with the Educational Theatre Foundation (EdTF) with representatives from both EdTF and the Princess Grace Foundation serving as panelists. Princess Grace Award winner Carly Hughes (Theater 2003) serves as lead panelist and leads an Artist Round Table for all scholarship finalists.